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A Challenging Yoga Sequence For a Deep Ab and Thigh Burn

Yoga doesn't mess around. It may seem all about deep breaths and om-ing, but trust me — if you do the right poses, in the right order, you'll feel an intense, deep burn that lasts for days, letting you know your body is changing and getting stronger. After warming up with a few Sun Salutations or your regular cardio workout, hop on your mat and do this 17-pose sequence on the right side, and then repeat on the left. 

  • From Sage Tree, exhale as you step your right foot forward into a lunge position. Turn your left heel down so your foot is flat, and the toes are pointing away from you.
  • Plant your right hand on the floor beside your right foot, and raise your left arm over your ear.
  • Hold Extended Side Angle for five breaths.


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